Award winning commercial photographer, Frank White, creates meaningful

photographic images for use in web, collateral, and advertising applications.


A word from Frank:

"My images are purposeful, believable and highly detailed.  A lighting expert,

I specialize in three areas:



            Creating images that communicate the message and evoke the

            desired response.


            Transforming oridinary subjects into images that capture the interest

            of the viewer.


            Providing practical and cost effective solutions to challenging

            photographic problems.



Throughout my career, I've focused on creating images that differentiate my clients

from their competitors, images that communicate with substance in a style that

reflects their brand identity. My projects are efficiently managed. My images are

subjected to exacting production values that enable them to reproduce with clarity across all media catagories.


Customer service is a priority that has resulted in long term client relationships. I

regularly consult with my clients regarding the feasibility and logistics of upcoming

projects, and am here to discuss your next project with you."


I welcome your call!  713.223.1110